Hello World (again)

Sorry that I don’t update this blog as much as I should. I have never really been that good at regularly recording journal entries…

Anyway over the past few weeks, I’ve unfortunately had to say goodbye to two other interns in our lab, Valeria and Ashley. Both have become good friends of mine in the short time that I got to spend with them. I definitely want to wish them luck on pursuing their goals and I hope that we get to see each other again. Plus, the internet is always there to help with keeping in touch!

On the Fourth of July, we had quite a bit of fog here in Berkeley. Unfortunately, this meant that unless I went to San Francisco for the night, I wasn’t going to see any fireworks. I don’t necessarily regret my decision to stay in though; some of my friends who went to San Francisco that night said that the public transit was a nightmare. Plus, there were a lot of fireworks being posted on Facebook, so it was like I was there in spirit or something!

In other news, my housemates are 100% set on hosting a pool party; they’ve already bought an inflatable backyard pool! I’ve never really been a pool party enthusiast, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for this to happen. Some of us are also planning to see Inside Out or Ted 2 very soon. I honestly want Inside Out to happen, since Ted 2 reminds me too much of Family Guy and I honestly can’t stand that show…But if Ted 2 is what the majority wants to watch, then I’ll still go. I’ll just use the power of craft beers and indie games to apologize to my inner hipster afterward.

Let’s see, other things to talk about…OH YEAH, I KNOW WHAT TO TALK ABOUT. Recently, I have been abandoning all efforts pertaining to exercise and healthy eating. But yesterday, I have successfully motivated myself to ask about a gym membership for the remainder of my time in California. The people at the Recreational Sports Facility said that normally they charge community members $90 for a month, UC Berkeley students $10, but since I am an affiliate with LBNL, I actually get a free 30-day trial…I literally do not need to pay ANYTHING to have a membership for the rest of my internship here. Needless to say, I’m very happy with this outcome and hope to fall back into a schedule before coming back to Juniata for the fall semester!

As far as official lab work goes, we are kind of in a stand-still until the servers are ready for me to work on further analysis of our sequenced metagenomes. Basically, I am spending all of my time at work refining the current analysis and updating my submissions/poster draft. Neslihan also mentioned that she has a friend as Stanford University who is doing medical research using bioinformatics techniques. Since I only have experience with bioinformatics as it pertains to microbial ecology, this sounded very interesting to me. Fortunately, Neslihan was able to set up an appointment for me to meet with her colleague and learn more about this research in a few weeks. I’m very excited for this opportunity and hopefully it gives me more insight and direction for my professional career!

That’s about it for now. But before I go, here is the close-up picture of the squirrel that I promised forever ago!

Professional photo cred to Ashley Kim.

Professional photo cred to Ashley Kim.