Yeah, I Lied

So remember when I said that I was going to make two blog posts last week? Yeah, it didn’t happen. Last week was pretty quiet here, as this week is shaping up to be. I find it difficult to write these mandatory blogs when there isn’t really that much to talk about…or maybe I’m just becoming a bit desensitized to everything. I have been here for almost an entire month, after all. Regardless, here are some slightly interesting things that have happened to me recently:

I saw Jurassic World last week – it was pretty over-hyped in my opinion. I also signed up for a Six Flags trip this-coming weekend, so I’m super excited for that! And yesterday, I was within arm’s length away from a squirrel. Squirrels don’t really run away from people here…and no, they don’t all have rabies. Either way, it was pretty cool and I’ll post the picture after I get my friend to send it to me.

Things at work are going pretty well. Since I don’t know which graduate school I want to attend, or even if I want to take a year off after graduation, some of the internship organizers here said that I can reapply to the SULI program for next fall and probably get a job working in the lab for the spring. That way, I build more experience to take with me into graduate school. While I am considering it, I’m not sure how I would feel about taking a year off before plunging back into my education. Part of me feels like I’d lose my momentum coming out of Juniata while, on the other hand, gaining more experience before going to graduate school is rarely a bad thing.

Either way, I have a lot to think about for the next few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Yeah, I Lied

  1. Hey David, Thanks for the update on your adventures in Berkely… I am happy you are enjoying CA. Tip for the day: Don’t get in front of the goats when they are crossing the road…They might buck you…. Anyway I thought it was funny (yes my humor is dry).. love ya, MOM

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